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    Thin Hem

    A thin hem line is…a very thin hemline. The hem is as close to the edge of the fabric as possible. This       [...]
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    What do you want to be?

    I hate that question! What do you want to be?   I thought I would have the response by now. I have completed compulsory education, graduated with a degree and have been [...]

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A peek at Sewing and Fashion (My Other Blog): Sew Modiste

Do It Like Elie Saab: Classical Romantic

If ever you need inspiration for Summer wedding party dresses or a classical party dress, the collections of Elie Saab never fall short in providing inspiration, it’s hard to believe his empire started at a young age, making gowns for his neighbours. His style is consistent, with a tint of romanticism and a bucket full […]

Book Review: The Colours of Love by Gbenga and Salone Ajouwale

Summary  Gbenga and Salone Ajouwale take us through the journey of a relationship, from the moment a couple meet, until they are married, using their strong marriage and years of experience as a reference point. The manual splits the relationship journey into three colours (hence the title), each one representing a different stage. Red=friendship. Yellow=courting and green = marriage. I felt … […]

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty – Exhibition Review

I Felt… Throughout the exhibition I felt like I was invited to an exclusive exhibition with the location being McQueens mind. I felt exposed to his secret thoughts of how he converted inspiration into a physical form and quotes from McQueen himself gave me a taste of his strong work ethic. I liked… That each […]


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