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    What do you want to be?

    I hate that question! What do you want to be?   I thought I would have the response by now. I have completed compulsory education, graduated with a degree and have been [...]
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    It’s been a while

    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This post is just to say I’m going through a blog referb. I’m deciding what I want to do with this section of my [...]

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A peek at Sewing and Fashion (My Other Blog): Sew Modiste

Black Jersey Turtle Neck

Last Spring, I had been searching for a black stretchy turtle neck, in different styles:dress, long sleeved and short sleeved tops. It’s a personal basic, and I wanted a section of my wardrobe dedicated to it. As you know shoppers, when you are seeking a particular item, it is a journey to find. So, during […]

Explore your creativity like a child

Anyone who has children, works with them or spends time with them would know they can teach you some things about life. Children are simply pure, they haven’t been filled with adverse social norms and fears created by external influences like finance and the economy status. As we get older reality kicks in, and sometimes […]


Ravel/ ravelling is making or allowing the edge of a fabric to get a fringed look by having threads come loose either on their own via wearing and washing or by stitching a tight seam a distance from the raw edge and pulling threads. Where can I use it? Common on denim, to give the […]


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